kundalini yoga clothes white cotton organic eco friendly men women

Kundalini Yoga Clothes White Cotton Organic Eco Friendly Men and Women

Kundalini yoga clothes that are white and organic cotton  made proudly on the  USA, downtown Los Angeles with our office located in the Hollywood Hills. We have White cotton organic kundalini yoga clothes we carry for men and women.

kundalini yoga clothes white cotton organic

Wearing white organic cotton Kundalini yoga clothing impacts the connection between you and your kundalini yoga practice.

Kundalini Yoga is the Raj Yoga 

A brief explanation of the different facets of the diamond of Kundalini Yoga:
Mantra Yoga uses sounds that protect and project the mind.
Japa Yoga is the discipline of mantra recitation.
Shakti Yoga, the techniques in the yoga approach that give strength, power and activity.
Laya Yoga merges the finite with the infinite,
through the use of sound and mantra with rhythm and a sensitivity to its subtle texture.
Bhakti Yoga is the discipline of love and devotion. The surrender of ego in love.
Raja Yoga is the yoga of meditation.
Hatha Yoga is the mastery of the polarities and
uses 84 asanas, 24 mudras and 3 maha-mudras, along with control of the breath.
Then we use
Naad Yoga, listening to an inner sound
and of course White Tantra Yoga, the yoga in pairs,
but this must be accompanied by Yogi Bhajan.
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